Friday, April 24, 2015

LIV doll finds and restoration!!! :)

 Recently, I found two LIV dolls at a local thrift store. Who could they be? :)

Its Daniella!!!! I didn't have to do much to her, I just had to give her a wig. ;)

 Daniella is a daydreamer. You can often find her outside daydreaming in her own little world or inside reading a book. :) Who else could I have found?

 Alexis!!! (Which I renamed Fiona) I also didn't have to do anything to her, she was in great condition. :)
Fiona loves bright colors and is very outgoing and funny. :)

 Fiona and Daniella joined Sophie and Ayla (custom Sophie dolls) and tried to take a group photo.
(Yes, Fiona is giving Sophie bunny ears) :P Have you found any thrift store finds lately?
Until next Friday,

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  1. Great thrift store finds! My favorite is Daniella!