Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Doll Craft:Flower Cupcake

Today's tutorial is a polymer clay "flower" cupcake inspired by the cupcakes included in Grace's Pastry Cart and Bakery. This is what American Girls looks like- 
image credit American Girl 
This one honestly still is not how I wanted it to turn out as the white icing decorating, which to me looks like a flower, took several times to make it even look related to the picture ;) 
I wanted to try making the chocolate cupcake as chocolate is my favorite out of the two, you can easily adapt this tutorial to fit any type of color.  Traditionally, cupcakes have slight indentations in them from the cupcake liners, I'm not sure if this is a french baking custom or not to cook without one as the cupcakes have no indentations and are smooth. Onto the materials- 
Dark Brown Polymer Clay 
White Polymer Clay 
Palette Knife/X-Acto Knife/Smooth Surface 
Toothpick (optional) 
Translucent Liquid Sculpey (can be substituted) 
The first step is to take your dark brown polymer clay, leave some extra clay to use for the top of the cupcake and roll it into a ball.  
Using a smooth surface gently press harder on one side of the ball as you roll, so the top is larger than the bottom, creating the cupcake shape. I tried this several times before the result ended up looking like a cupcake :) 
Roll the extra polymer clay into a ball and press flat, attach it to the bottom of the cupcake. After this picture I redid the bottom of the cupcake, to make it look better. 
Section the white polymer clay into three groups, roll one group into 5 large balls, the second into 4 medium balls and the first into 3 small. Flatten. 
Taking the three smallest sculpt into the shape of a flower, the four should be placed around the three and the the five circles should be arranged on top of the cupcake.  Add the top flower onto the bottom piece, arranged like this-
You can attach the flower part with translucent liquid sculpey to make sure it sticks if you wish. And you are done! Here are some extra pictures- 

The flower icing decoration on the cupcake was the hardest part to recreate and the process would go much faster if you make a mold of the cupcake :) A few extra tips are- 
Make sure to clean the surface you are using, take care on surfaces that can be easily damaged like wood. 
Clean your hands and tools if you are using them multiple times, extra polymer clay could accidentally turn a lighter color of polymer clay (like white) or rub off onto the creation.   

Polymer clay is also a lint and dust magnet so either cover it after you finish or bake it :)  
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  1. It looks so delicious! :) Great craft!

    - Ellie

  2. Wow, that looks just like the actual treat!