Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Doll Craft:Croissant

Hello again! Today's tutorial is making a doll sized croissant, thankfully this time around their were plenty of tips and resources (including Sugar Charm Shop) to help me while creating this tutorial.  This one is inspired by girl of the year Grace Thomas, in her bistro as well as her bakery the food accessories include a croissant. Here is American Girls- 
image credit American girl 
American Girls looks a little, well, orange. In person the food is somewhat plastic but is in a great scale. I wanted mine to be the same size as well but baked and more realistic looking.   
The materials I used are- 
light tan polymer clay 
pastel chalk in shades of orange and brown 
palette knife/X-acto knife  
Dotting tool/ Toothpick

 The first step is to roll the polymer clay into half moon shapes, making sure to leave extra dough for detail in the next step. 
Roll out the polymer clay to an even thickness. 

Using the palette knife/X-acto knife cut a wide triangle out and lay on top of half moon, this should cover almost all of the croissant except the ends. Cut off excess in the front and back

Cut a smaller triangle out and lay the triangle on top of the larger one, in  the middle. Cut off excess. 
 Using the toothpick or dotting tool create indentations starting from the front of the croissant and ending in the back, using trial and error I was able to get it to the likeness of how I wanted it to be. 
A closeup showing the the texture 
Using a palette knife/X-acto knife create shavings of the pastel with the tip, using a clean brush gently apply to the croissant,this creates the "baked" look. 

 After taking these pictures I realized that the croissant does look over-baked and I should have used a lighter second pastel color. This is really simple and does not involve as many supplies as previous tutorials and with the basic knowledge and some helpful videos you can create plenty of croissants for your Grace's bakery! A few tips I have learned are- 
Make sure to clean the surface you are using, take care on surfaces that can be easily damaged like wood. 
Clean your hands and tools if you are using them multiple times, extra polymer clay could accidentally turn a lighter color of polymer clay (like white) or rub off onto the creation.   

Polymer clay is also a lint and dust magnet so either cover it after you finish or bake it :) 
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  1. That looks like the real thing! Super cute! ^_^
    ~Leah <3

  2. WOW!! It looks sooooo realistic :) I seriously loved this tutorial. I made some croissants for my dolls in janruary, but I wrecked them (by accident)

  3. That looks amazing! It's so realistic! :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  4. Wow that looks so realistic!! I could eat it right now!! >.<