Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Doll Craft: Sew a Bunny Hat

Hi! I love animal hats and doll sized ones are even cuter, so today I made a bunny hat for dolls! Instead of just posting pictures of what I created I made a tutorial to go along with it- 

Supplies-  You will need white felt, enough to fold over and draw out a hat, pink fabric for the detail on the ears, white and pink sewing thread, scissors, pencil and a ruler.  The first step is to measure the circumference of the dolls head using a flexible measuring tape, Marie Grace was about 13 inches around, I added another inch for additional space. I marked 7 inches on the folded fabric with my pencil and then lightly drew the shape of the bunny ears and hat. 

I also sketched out the inside detail of the ear on pink fabric leftover from one of Kirsten's dresses I sewed. 

(You can barely see the drawing but I didn't want it to show through)
After I made sure the size was right I cut out the hat and the detail for the ears. On the front side using the pink thread I whip stitched the pink detail on the ears.
I finished sewing the pink detail for the ears on and using the same stitch I sewed the sides together using white thread. 

 I think it turned out so cute! If you have basic hand sewing skills and some free time try making a bunny hat for you dolls! 
Thanks for looking and have a great spring break,