Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Doll Craft: Macaron

Hello! For this Wednesdays post I created a tutorial inspired by Grace Thomas, Girl of the Year 2015.  Macarons are very easy to make out of clay and with a few simple tools you can create doll sized macarons that are not stuck together! 
Polymer Clay 
Toothpick/X-Acto Knife/Dotting Tool  
 Palette knife (You can just use a flat surface, needed to press the ball into a flat circle) 
Pastel (Optional) 
Step One- Select the two colors for the macaron- one for the pastry and one for the filling. I mixed hot pink with white to create a pastel pink for the pastry part and used white polymer clay for the filling. 
 Cut the polymer clay for the pasty into four equal parts and roll into small balls, the white polymer clay should be half the size of the pastry balls. (I learned the hard way) This is because the filling should not be as thick as the pastry. 

 The balls should be around the size of a pea each. Using the palette knife or a flat surface flatten each ball to form a thin circle.
 Flattening in progress
Also flatten the white polymer clay, making sure it is half the size of the pink.  
Stack two flattened pink circles on top of each other.  
 And, using either a toothpick, X-Acto knife or a dotting tool, lightly texture the sides of the circle. 
 Here are both textured and ready to be assembled. 
 Look at how cute it turned out to be!
Another option is to shave pastels and sprinkle the extras onto the top, you can lightly glaze the filling to finish after baking. Try making them in Graces theme colors! Some extra tips are- 
 Make sure to clean the surface you are using, take care on surfaces that can be easily damaged like wood. 
Clean your hands and tools if you are using them multiple times, extra polymer clay could accidentally turn a lighter color of polymer clay (like white) or rub off onto the creation.   
Polymer clay is also a lint and dust magnet so either cover it after you finish or bake it :) 
I hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions or suggestions comment below! For a more in depth tutorial and a better explanation on texturing polymer clay visit Sugar Charm Shop Here . 
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  1. Excellent tutorial!
    ~Leah <3

  2. Great tutorial! They came out perfect! That looks so simple and easy. I should try making some. :) Thanks for the great tutorial Polka Dot Bee!


  3. Cute! Those would be good for Grace :)