Monday, April 13, 2015

A Photoshoot With Bella

Hi everyone! Today I have yet another photoshoot for you :P ;)

I am so sorry for their awful quality, but for once I have a legitimate reason as to why ;) 

So, you may have noticed a few, ah, rather shrived worms in the background of these photos, and there's quite a funny story about that:

I had seated myself down on the pavement with Bella in front of me and my camera in my hands, ready for a photoshoot. As I go to adjust Bella's shoe for the first shot, my hand comes close to bumping something dried up on the drive, and as I glance at it, I notice it's a huge, giant, worm that was washed up from the rain! I look around and begin to take in the full horror of the scene around me--the pavement is literally covered in the disgusting worms! I am terrified of all insects (excluding butterflies and ladybugs, of course) and I am especially not fond of dozens of dead ones nearly touching me! So, of course my first reaction is to want to hightail it back inside, but I was feeling brave, so I stayed outside and hurriedly snapped this photoshoot XD ;) So, that is the very long explanation as to why this photoshoot is terrible ;) If you read this horribly long and quite boring story, comment down below, "Dead worms are terrible!" ;) 

Now, finally, onto the pictures!

Oh, and here are a few pictures I snapped before unwittingly moving her to the dead-worm graveyard ;) 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Bella is stunning, and I love her outfit!

    - Ellie

  2. Cute Photos, and funny story XD

  3. Ew. I agree with you, hands down worms are TERRIBLE!! I hate bugs and insects!! Yuck,yuck,yuck!! Any who love the pics!! I didn't realise the funny quality! Tho those dead worms photobombing on the shoe pics!! >.<

  4. WOW. So pretty! O-O This photo-shoot made want to get that doll! ....Worms *are* terrible!* :]
    E xox

  5. These are so pretty! Bella is such a cutie. ^_^
    Ugh, worms are the worst...I mean, they don't really bother me because I'm okay with bugs and such, but they smell horrible xP


  6. Awesome pictures! Dead worms are terrible, but not live ones.

  7. They're still gorgeous, even with the fried worms! xD

  8. Beautiful pics <3 WORMS ARE HORRIBLE.

  9. Dead worms are terrible!!
    And personally I thought the photos were pretty good. ;-)

  10. Dead worms are horrible.

    I personally like the live ones though. Except when I have to put them on hooks. *shiver*

  11. I love, love, LOVE the photos!!!!! ;)