Saturday, March 21, 2015

How to make a doll sleeping bag!!!!

First off, I am SO sorry for not posting yesterday. I typed the post up
but forgot to publish it. :( But Anywhoo,
 Today I am making a doll sleeping bag out of duct tape!!!
(I made the sleeping bag for Barbie sized dolls, but that is totally optional)

The sleeping bag rolls up and I tied two hairbands on the ends to keep it shut.

 There is fabric on the inside of the sleeping bag.

What you will need:
-Duct Tape (not pictured)
-Fabric (cotton fabric works well)
-Cotton balls (optional)
-Doll for measurement

First, take your doll and lay her down on the fabric.

Before you cut the fabric, make sure you have about an inch extra at the bottom

Cut a strip of duct tape and lay the fabric down on top of it. (Good side down)

                                                             And cover the top half.

 Cover the fabric with duct tape until it reaches the dolls waist.

 Now cut a second piece half the length of the fabric

 And cover the whole piece with duct tape.

Place the two pieces of fabric together like the picture above.
(If that made any sense)

                                                     And cover the back and sides

                                                           Ta Da!!!! All finished!!!!!!

Here is the inside

                                                             Here is the doll in it.

                                                            (Optional Craft: Pillow)
Cut three short pieces of duct tape. (I actually used three, even though the picture shows two)

Place a cotton ball on the top half of one strip.

                                                                          Fold it over,

                                                                    And pinch it shut.

                                                                           Ta Da!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks craft!!!!! Until next Friday,


  1. Neat idea! I love the paw print fabric, super cute!

    1. Thank you Doll Daydreams!!! The fabric is a fat quarter from Walmart. :)

  2. I love the pillow! :)

    - Ellie