Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Epic Air Hockey Battle: A Photo Story

Hey guys!
So, last week when I asked, you said you'd like to see a photo story.
I'm warning ya, this is pretty lame, but hey, at least it's something right?
Enjoy ;)


For her birthday on the 18th of February, Julie received an air hockey table.
Now, it came missing the legs, but they could still play it while sitting on the floor.
So that's what they did.
And thus the Epic Air Hockey Battle was born.


"You ready to play, Jade?" Julie asked her opponent.
"Yup," Jade replied.

Scarlette and Emerson had arrived as soon as they heard the words "air hockey".
"Can we watch?" Scarlette asked.

Emery chuckled. "Oh, honey, we aren't just watching--this is my game, I can't just stand here and be a spectator. I say we bet money on who's gonna win; my money's on Jade though, so you get Jules."

"Umm, Em, they're just playing for fun," Scarlette said.

"Pfft, it's not fun unless there's a bit of friendly competition."

"Can we just play now?" Jade sighed. Emerson was fun and all, but she was a bit competitive, even when she wasn't even the one playing.

"Right?" Julie backed Jade up.

"You guys are boring," Emery whined.

"Alrighty--three, two, one, go!"

The game started with Julie getting a point within the first thirty seconds.

"Block it, girly, block it!" Emerson chanted as the puck flew towards the goal once again.

After a short game full of a loud Emery, Julie had scored ten points and won.

"Yes! I won!" Julie exclaimed.

"And I get Em's money! Ha!" Scarlette said to her disappointed room mate.

"I never win anything!" Jules continued on.

Emerson clearly didn't want to settle for being a supporter of the losing participant. "I demand a rematch! Jade was just warming up!"

Jade sighed. "Em, it's fine, don't get yourself so worked up over a game of air hockey."

"I'm like, the air hockey queen!" Julie said, standing on the table.

"Whoa there, man, let's not jump to conclusions," Emery said, joining her on the table.

"You haven't played against me yet," she said with a wink.

Julie grinned. "Oh, it's on..."


^^pretty much life with the girls every day xD Emerson is quite the character. Anyways, I hope you liked this random little photo story, and I'll see ya next Thursday with an easy sewing tutorial for a cute beanie :)



  1. Cute! Oh, thanks for subscribing to me on YouTube, as soon as I get my laptop fixed, video's shall be up! :)
    Ella xoxoxox

  2. this story was so funny xD loved it :)

    Emery is awesome. :) Scarlette IS darling, though.
    Ooh, goodie! - my dolls need beanies.

    - Ellie

  4. Haha, great photo story! Made me laugh!

  5. That was cute! Great job Maddie. :)

  6. LOL! That was cute! Great photostory!:)

  7. I loved this photostory! So cute! Great job!


  8. Such a great photostory, Maddie! :D Emerson is super adorable, too ;)

    ♥ Shelby-Grace ♥